Why Do You Endure Sufferings In Life? End It Now

Poetry – Why Do You Endure Sufferings?


You are a tiny speck in the infinite universe.

Don’t carry a huge burden on your frail shoulders.

You’re here to play momentarily then you’ll be called back home.

Where do you intend to tote this burden?       


Burden is so heavy; shoulders sagged.

Life is abundant, but head is down.  

Eyes are gazing at the moving feet and

a sealed soul is seeking what is already around its existence.

But glued eyes are not letting it admire the beauty of surroundings.  

Wandering from one place to another in the search of a peaceful future.

 Unaware, there is no path that can lead it to the future. For future is a myth.


If burden is heavier, dismount it and walk lighter.

Look around, you are a scented flower

bloomed in this beautiful garden of universe.

You are a miracle in yourself. What other magic do you seek?


Why are you crawling when wings are given to you to fly?

Your destination is your journey, step softly on the path of joy.

Wherever you are, adore it.

With each step you will move forward.

Earth is round. No matter from where you all start your journey,

you all will end up at the same point. 

How you cover the distance that makes all the difference.


Don’t find yourself in the mirror, it is mere your reflection.

Look inside yourself. For you exist in you… along with the whole universe.

Don’t let that ecstatic child die in you.

For he is a lamp that guides you in the darkness.

For he is the comfort to your soul.                  

For he is the tormentor of all your sufferings.


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