Unemployed? Remove These Three Blunders and Get Your Dream Job

The perplexity with schools and colleges is they are superior in making you skillful in your chosen field but lack in showing you the gateway of that field. Oftentimes, it appears as a puzzle for a newly graduate that is making his best efforts to find and get a job. Additionally, this fluctuating economy makes the job finding process challenging.   

According to the BLS household survey in December 2016, 7,529,000 Americans are unemployed and looking for jobs. Don’t make the same mistakes that these people are committing. Money in pockets is always pleasing but to get this pleasure, you have to score your dream job.

Read these three blunders and if you are making any of these blunders, eliminate it from your job search mission immediately and refine your job search process.

1. Addicted to Conventional Methods of Job Applications

This is 2017 and every old-fashioned thing has been superseded by vogue, including the methodologies of finding and getting jobs. Thus, don’t delay your success unnecessarily by sitting on a couch and waiting for companies to announce their open positions. Being on standby is harmful to you career. Time rusts everything and it won’t spare your resting skills as well.

Forget about the recruitment ads. Be aggressive in your job search. Act as if finding a job is your main job. If you’re unemployed and not investing your eight hours daily in finding a job for you, it depicts you don’t want it bad enough.

Among 124 million full-time workers in the U.S., 84 million workers don’t like their jobs. Working at jobs which they don’t like destroys their morale and they don’t even look for a change and those who try to jump ship lack creativity and follow the same age-old conventional method.

So, distinguish yourself from them by breaking the conventional barriers.

  • Make a list of your preferred companies which you want to join.
  • Find the contacts of their HR managers or recruiters—you can use LinkedIn for that—and apply to them.
  • Explain how your skills and talent will increase the profitability of their companies.

 2. You Think One Resume Fits All

One of the biggest blunders that you can ever make is sending the same resume to all potential contacts. Of course, you are one person and your skills can’t differ. However, you can tailor your resume as per different job descriptions, keywords and highlight those skills as per the recruiter’s demand and company’s requirements. Keywords insertion with proper format will certainly improve your chances for selection.

As per a study released by TheLadders, an online job search site, recruiters spend an average of six seconds on a resume. It substantiates you have only six seconds to impress a recruiter with your resume. Your resume is the representation of your skills and capabilities. If it fails to communicate effectively, you’ll lose your dream job. You can alter few lines by yourself; but in order to make it impressive, design your resume from any professional resume making company. This would be the best decision for your career growth.

If you need any guidance or help in your resume making process, then you can message me on Facebook or Tweeter. I’ll be happy to help you.

 3. Making No Personal Connection

Study about companies before sending applications to them. Visit their websites and check their social media presence and know about them. When you send your resume through email, address the cover letter to a name of the recruiter. 

Explain in 1-2 lines what you most like about the company. If possible, mention the recent milestone that the company has successfully achieved and tell them how it has inspired you and how you can be an asset for them.

After half an hour of sending an application, call and inform them that you have sent an application for this particular position and have included the resume and cover letter, ask them should they require any other specific document.

If you are sending application through online job advertisement, then read it carefully. If they have instructed “no phone calls, please”, then strictly do not call, otherwise always contact them on phone.  This will leave an impression of your name on them. However, they shouldn’t sense that you are desperate for a job.

Recently one of my clients applied for a job. When she called the company, she was told to come tomorrow for another opened position. She got the job next day—a job for which she didn’t apply. She faced no competition with other candidates since the company hadn’t yet advertised for that position.  

Thus, personally approaching companies open the new gateways of opportunities. So, never take it lightly.

By following these steps with confidence, you can change your employment status from unemployed to employed.


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