Future is a myth because time swallows everything

poetry – Time swallows everything


In the backyard of my house,

I sowed a seed in the hope that one day

it would yield heavenly fruits.

Mom said I did a good job

and handed me an apple as a reward.

I was too engrossed in triviality to enjoy its sweetness then.

So I hid it in the ground in the hope that

next day I’ll be back to relish its soulful delicacy.

To admire its seducing red color,

I dig the spot next day and found emptiness.

It was gone. Along, it evaporated

the warmth of ecstasy I was in the last night.

Euphoria that lasted only in my imagination battered my reality,

I was fool, enchanted with the seed I sown

and expecting from it to bestow me divine fruit

when it was already in my hands.

I bemoaned in grief that was the fruit of my deed

and I buried it with my own hands.

How could I be that stupid?

But now I know time swallows

everything and future is a myth.

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