Women Who Have These Three Traits Are Most Successful Entrepreneurs

While history is full of inspiring women stories who had succeeded despite the formidable odds, it is still disquieting for many women to embark on a new career journey specifically in the entrepreneurship field which is said to be dominated by men. Though women have already proved their entrepreneurial skill-sets, intelligence and competency in almost every field ranges from tech to science to fashion, yet they don’t receive as much appreciation from press as they deserve, resulting in less inspiration for other women who see themselves as future entrepreneurs. However, the great inventor of all time, Nikola Tesla had anticipated the rise and upswing of women long before in a piece “When Woman is Boss,” published in Colliers magazine.

If you are devising a plan to take the path of entrepreneurship then you must learn, adopt and embody these three traits that every successful woman entrepreneur believes are the foundation of success.

Zeal for Growth

Every business begins with an idea and great ideas are often found in clutters. This is what happens with most of the entrepreneurs. They don’t invest in imitating the ideas of others. For they understand there is an abundance of money making ideas, one just need to pay attention and give time to find the right one for them. With this in mind, they focus more on education rather than money. Their desire to learn and grow drives them towards the success of entrepreneurship.

No obstacle, not even failure, stops them from achieving their goals. When failure knocks at the door, they welcome it graciously, share a few words of knowledge and development and show it the exit door in the end. Each time when they encounter failure, their desire to grow bounces them back into the field.

It works as a motivation and encourages you to persist through every challenge that comes in the way of your objective. It is a force that helps you learn new skills every day. You need to fuel up that burning desire if you want to make something big.  

Failure is the Best Teacher

No one succeeds at his first attempt; and it’s not obligatory that second or third attempt will absolutely bend in your favor. Entrepreneurs are known for their persistence: learning from mistakes, taking correct measures, making necessary changes in the plan and implementing it again with better strategy.

Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal, a multi-million-dollar vintage clothing business, is a perfect source of inspiration when it comes to learning from every wrong step.

She had no experience of fashion industry when she started Nasty Gal, but she was in love with the fashion world. However, she made up her mind and was determined to cross all the obstacles. She kept her focus on business goals and never let any failed attempt discourage her. On the contrary, she took every unsuccessful attempt as an opportunity to learn something new and ultimately became the “Fastest Growing Retailer” in 2012.

So the lesson for you is to fill the void and move forward. As this poetry suggests, “you have not walked so for only to catch Pokémon or to find the wildness of dark. Don’t be terrified of failure, for failure is your friend.”

Eagle-Eyed Focus

Melissa Galt was in $70K debt when she had a plan to start a business. In the next 18 months she paid off all her debt and became debt free. She was earning in six figures and her income doubled every year for the next five years. So, how did she manage it?

While she was pursuing interior design in school, she decided to take a full time job in the field. However, sooner she realized she had imprisoned her freedom for a few bucks and was unable to perform her best because of the job limitations. Her zeal for growth led her to quit the job and venture into startup.

She took a side job of supervising catering kitchen and also started teaching interior design professionals to finance her business. She worked 15 hours, 6 days a week. Her determination, discipline and focused mindset made her infallible.  She paid no heed to the debt rather she fixed her mind on creating value for herself and for others.

The point is when you set a goal, it’s not going to accomplish by its own. Think like a racing car driver. He knows if he pays attention to sidewalks rather than the road, the car would crash. You need to drive your car of entrepreneurship (take action and do everything that you can do) with full focus on the path (determination) and when you’ll transform these traits into habits, the end results will surpass your own expectations.


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