Mastering this One Trait Can Make You the Master of Success

Regardless of what business you are running or which summit in your career you want to conquer, this trait is requisite to be successful at any stage of life. I’m talking about “focus”.

Oftentimes it happens when you set a goal and lay an effective plan to obtain it, it just slips away from hands or it seems it is taking more than usual time, which is not good for your company’s productivity. You can design the most effective plan, but it can’t be successful unless you implement it with full power of focus.

People often say, “My laziness is not letting me get a job.” “Because of my lethargic approach, I’m unable to start my own start-up.” Generally, people award themselves the title of “lazy epithet” and block their way to the solution of becoming more focused and ultimately, more productive.

It sounds like they do this for an easy escape, which in the long-term has drastic consequences.

“Success dwells in mindset and transpires through actions. Thus the one, who controls his mind, controls his destiny.”

Focus is a five letter midget. But it takes decades to many to subjugate it. From generating a business idea to its successful implementation and at the development of every minute business strategy, the focus is paramount.

Like a sculptor carve a stone delicately, you have to work on your this trait for improving your ability to focus.

What hinders you from focusing?

An average person has an attention span of eight seconds only—it’s even lesser than goldfish, according to a 2015 study from Microsoft. These numbers have been debilitated with time.

We spend time on social networking sites not merely for social networking but various other activities keep us indulged in it. If consistently sticking with social sites improves your career growth then being there is worth, otherwise, reduce your social media devotion time. As per a 2012 study by UC Irvine and U.S Army researchers, desisting from email for a while increases the ability to focus significantly.

However, it’s almost next to impossible to evading emails in this digital era. Primarily, skillful people like editors, digital marketers, etc. can’t abstain themselves from checking emails. On the contrary, their work demands their focus on making the email checking process efficient.

You should allot a specific time of a day to emails. Check and reply all your emails at that particular time only. This will enhance your productivity level and you will have enough time to focus on more important tasks that demand your attention.

In The Happiness Advantage book of author Shawn Achor, a research has concluded that human brain is a deft deceiver; it encourages procrastination of significant tasks by indulging us in easy and futile activities. Thus, it’s imperative to have control over brain.

Essentially, all things come down to the training and control of the brain. This is attainable with meditation, exercise and with numerous other good activities that help improve focus, which can be found on the internet. So, I won’t waste your time with the same information that you might already know, rather I’d tell you about the three different apps that will help you increase the time span of your focus.  

1) Elevate – Your Personal Brain Trainer

This app will help you build communication and analytical skills with its opportune game challenges. You select the skills that you want to improve and it will send you three challenges daily.

 It also keeps the track record of results to help you evaluate the efficacy and progress. You can train 40+ critical skills with Elevate app.

Apple announced it “App of the Year” in 2014 because of its practicality. You can download this app from Google Play as well.

2) Memory Trainer

Memory Trainer app incorporates various interesting and effective brain exercises, which boost your memory. It is largely effectual for the enhancement of visual and spatial memory. Additionally, it’s quite easy to use and is suitable for all age groups. 

3) Lumosity – Brain Games & Brain Training

Improve your memory and attention span with these 50+ cognitive games created by Lumosity. At the same time, all the games are engaging and fun to play. It’s a simple tool for brain training.

Challenge your brain by using these apps at any convenient time. You can kill your traveling time productively by playing these games and completing the challenges, which will help you become more focused.  


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