This Little Girl Found Her Real Life Santa Claus Who Turned Out To Be A Cop

One of the common habits of adults around the world is getting stressed out. When adults diligently practice this habit in their regular lives, they get the results of their groove: a box of anxiety and all the diseases that suit the practitioner.

But often this reward of hard labor debilitates the creative sight that helps see the wonder and happiness in our surrounding world. When melancholy prisons the vision, then kids come to our rescue.

Small kids often have big lessons to bequeath to the elders. They look at the world without wearing the shades of poignancy. Their naked eyes find the beauty even in the most ordinary things. Though the infinity of imagination in childhood can’t be held at one particular time of year, but in the Christmas month, the spark of creativity becomes a ball of fire that even lightens up the gloomy adults.

As the days are leading to December 25th, kids are getting more and more excited for the visit of Santa and this adorable little girl is no different.

She saw a white-beard cop and ran to him assuming he is a Santa Claus who is pretending to be an officer.

 This benign cop from the Milton Police Department in Milton has won millions of heart when the department uploaded his picture on Facebook with the lovely little girl. The picture shows a white-beard gentleman and a sweet little girl sitting next to him.

The picture of that sweet meet up has this caption: “When a three-year-old comes up to you during dinner and thinks you are Santa Claus you roll with it.”

The kindhearted cop beheld her excitement and concurred with the angelic girl. We can just imagine how excited and ecstatic she would be when she spotted a real life Santa.

The caption further reads:  “This beautiful young lady would like a princess Barbie for Christmas.

She also now believes Santa is a policeman between Christmases. Wonderful encounter.”

I’m in a strange dilemma. Whom shall I call Santa Claus?  That cop made her day or that little girl made the officer’s day?

To me, this little girl is no lesser than Santa Claus, for the cop at least. This substantiates Santa Claus can appear without beard or in a form of a little angel. What do you think?


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