How To Succeed and Bounce Back From Failure

Don’t be terrified of failure

for failure is your friend.

You have not walked so far only to catch Pokémon

or to find the wildness of dark.


Beyond the fear of darkness lies your destination.

Don’t step back because all the light has disappeared.

This cavern is the checkpoint to keep the sluggish away.

It is the gateway you need to go through like every other ideal.


One succeeded when the apple fell down.

Another succeeded when he fell from apple.

Both demonstrate the vitality of falling.

So what are you worried about?


What is a failure ask to eddy

who lost his best friend named as shady.

They saw a crocodile first time in life.

Shady jumped onto it, thought ‘twas a fish.

It ate the shit out of shady

and left bones and a lesson for eddy.


Now eddy knows the difference between a fish and a crocodile.


Take a break when you feel you’re broken.

Trek through the dense forest of thoughts.

You are walking without a compass

and feel you have lost all the directions.

Just don’t lose hope.  In the sleepless nights,

the stars will lead you to home.

For the whole Universe is your companion.


When the sun sets, it doesn’t mean it is dying.

It means it’ll be back with the same fieriness.

This is where, when you face defeat,

 you find the uncharted land of creativity.


The creator of Hogwarts has already proven:

The one you truly love will come to you through failure.

Ask all of them: what is a failure?

They would gladly say: failure is a friend.


Like counting cannot be completed without odds,

success is partial without failure.

The moment you smile and accept failure, you succeeded.

For failure is a friend. 


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