How Cosmetic Industry Is Changing The Definition of Beauty And It’s Quite Bad

Cosmetic Hypnotism


The artificial disease and the artificial cure –

multi-billion dollar cosmetic Industry run campaigns, advertisements that allure,

beguile you to buy their products of no use.

The rise of chemical cosmetics has given a new dimension to the natural beauty world. 

Along with the beauty, the vision has become cosmetic’s slave.

They put pressure on people and women are scared.

They are fat, they are skinny, they are dark, they are white … anything but beauty.

Saddest is the time when natural beauty is denial.

In 2015, 16 million cosmetic surgical operations, in the U.S. performed alone.

Being spurious just to feel accepted and to be loved by society.

Industries are focused to captivate the intellect.

One out of every 3.8 commercials exemplifies the attractiveness.

By the time a western girl reaches 18,

around 100,000 television advertisements subjugates her mind.

Don’t doubt on nature’s creation. You are not an object to modify.

But how will you recognize the natural beauty after losing all the senses?

After all, you’re hypnotized.


 This video clearly depicts how our society is hypnotized and to gain the artificial beauty, we lose our originality.


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