Exposing the Myth of Work-Life Balance

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they imbibe dividing their lives into two sections: “work and personal” is autonomous and compulsory. When you divide your one life into two parts, you naturally create divisions. Work is a part of your life. You work to make your life better, but we indulge ourselves so much into work that we make it miserably imbalance. You carry the same heart, same mind, same thinking with you to your work place, then how can you pretend you’ve two lives? How long can you pretend you’ve two lives? Sooner or later, you’ll be tired and you’ll return to your oneness. If originality is the destination, then it is worthless living two stressful lives simultaneously when you know your time is limited.

How to Deal?

Stop dividing your life, stop procrastinating and start living your life. “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary,” said Steve jobs.


All the successful people almost share the similar views when it comes to work-mindset: They love what they do and begin it without thinking of any grandiose aim. This is how they productively evade stress. When one carries oneself everywhere without impersonation, the question of balancing gets eliminated by itself. Like that saying – United we stand, divided we fall. You need to stay together with your own self, no matter how hard the circumstances are. When you don’t allow yourself to split into two personalities, you confer your true-self an opportunity to come forward and take the charge of your life. This approach eventually set your life on a right track. Those who remain negligible to this phenomenon suffer a lot.


According to Pew Research Center study, “Six out of every 10 working parents feel they face a lot of difficulty in maintaining work and home life balance, and about eight in 10 feels they are constantly in a bustling mode and living like a robot.”


Most of the parents in the U.S struggle to balance work and home life. It affects you, when it affects your surroundings. Experts advise to go out with family and take vacations once in a while. It’s indubitably a good advice to follow; but eating food once in a week can’t make you a healthy person, but you certainly can deceive death. Now it all arrives at your aim: living a healthy life or just mocking it? If life happens daily, then why to wait for weekends to enjoy it. Don’t amend yourself to satisfy the needs of others. When you love your professional and personal life in an equal proportion, equilibrium of life naturally gets balance.


Many companies are inclined to give their employees a feel of an ideal work-life balance. As per the list compiled by Indeed, an online job portal, South West Airlines provide the best work-life balance to their staffers. Employers can learn two Fs from this list: Flexibility and Fun at work. When these two Fs are introduced in the work, the third “F” keeps the distance – The takeaway is: transforming work into fun activity by adopting every possible way.

How to Sustain the Righteous Mindset?

To sustain this proportionate concept of work-life balance, willfully you’ve to choose a career that resonates with your personal life. Like a gardener knows which soil condition is perfect for a specific plant to grow, you know well which industry sector will empower you and which place is the best for you to flourish without bisecting your true-self.


If you’re a CEO of a company and you find one employee is constantly trying to create unrest in the office, what would you do? If you’re a landlord and you find your tenant deliberately violates the lease agreement time and again, what would you do?


The mindset that you’ll create to resolve or answer these questions is the mindset that you need to carry every time when you deal with work-life balance dilemma.  Work-life balance is identical to heart-mind balance. Execute the same approach that you implement to maintain heart-mind balance. It is the only efficacious solution to work-life balance dispute.

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