Emerge As a President in Office Politics

Politics is nothing but a game – A game of influencers. To win the game, either you influence or identify the influencers and deal cautiously. In both the cases you need to be familiar with all the rules and once you are aware of all the rules, then you can distort them to suit you.


Office politics is inevitable. It exists everywhere: in country, in office and even in family. Therefore, running away is not a solution. You might have heard people saying, “Don’t pay attention to the people who are playing politics in your office.” If you have experienced this then you probably know following this nonsensical advice yields no positive results. On the contrary, it sucks the positivity of the work out of you. You lose your true potential and your productivity graph falls down. Eventually, it fills you with negativity and you start hating your job.


If you’re also one of those hardworking employees who have given their best to the company but have never been recognized and now thinking to change the job due to the dirty office politics, then it is time to recognize your true potential. It is time to tell all those office politicians that if they like to play office politics, then you’re the elected president.

“If you like to play office politics, then, my friend, I’m your elected president.”

How Office Politics Spurts

Most of the people think that office politics crops up due to the frustration caused by the issues they have no control over like new corporate policies or customers’ high demands. It is one of the reasons of office politics but not the root cause. Perceiving the actual source in itself will abolish half of the problems.


Office politics, in reality, is a direct effect of good performance. Let’s say, every time when boss assigns you work, you perform it exceptionally well. Some of your colleagues may perceive your performance as a threat. You’re young, energetic, focused and they think you may overtake them. This makes some people feel insecure at your office and they envy you. Their lack of confidence and insecurities drive them to bitching and complaining. And this sows the seed of office politics. Therefore, one can say the primary reason of office politics is jealousy.

 How to Deal with This Productively

Many will advice you how to survive, but it should not be even an option for you. Hunt for winning, not for mere survival.


First thing you need to understand is if people are bitching about you, it vindicates you’re doing really awesome and you need to keep doing it if you seek career success. I can’t say about guns, but victim mindset policy is extremely destructive for career growth. To emerge as a leader, you have to acquit yourself from the feelings of helplessness and focus on the things that make you better in work. It becomes considerably easy when you are able to discriminate between growth activities and hindrance activities. Consider these three methods to deal efficaciously with envious colleagues and enhance your productive actions:

#1 Affirmations and Bitching are Two Opposites Sides of Same Pole

You know who you are. Never let another person define you. If a colleague praises you, appreciate it, but never let the pride spurts in you. It can be a cause of your downfall. It is as dangerous as bitching; the only difference is it seems positive on the surface. Receive the positive feedback but don’t rely on it. What is positive today may turn into negative tomorrow. If affirmations are not inducing pride in you, then bitching will also fail in decimating your self-esteem. If you’re able to see your actions consciously then no matter what they talk behind your back, the voice of your actions will always be louder and you’ll never be influenced by any outside energy. Your productivity level will not shudder. Determination towards work and self-confidence will lead you to the top leadership position what you actually deserve.  

#2 Remember Your Goal and Work to Lead

Office is not a picnic spot; you’re there to work and prove your worth for the organization. This is not a onetime task. It’s a continuous process where you’ve to consistently put efforts. This can be done with patience and by recalling the reason for being at the office. Some will guide you and some will try to hinder your progress. But smart people are those – who are reading this article – who remain focused on business objective. This is why you’re hired for: to take the business into a new level of success. When everybody is busy in bitching, use this opportunity and work hard. This will create a fortune and soon you’ll be seen as a leader who is leading the business. This will bestow you a positive and powerful image and no will dare to mess with a powerful employee.

#3 Create the Atmosphere of Success

As Uncle Ben has said, “With great power comes great responsibility”– hope Uncle Lee won’t sue me. As a leader with positive mindset, you can make communication smooth in the office without taking sides of any party. When you give everyone a chance to speak out, you earn their trust and they start relying on you. From there you can encourage them to come on a common constructive platform and create a network of allies. When you don’t pay attention to bitching and affirmations, it becomes remarkably smooth to take along everyone without getting personal. The golden rule for winning is to create a path of success for everyone. Every leader needs a team to lead and this is how they build it. This will help you to rise above in long run.


Your seniors will recognize a leader in you and this will open new doors for promotions. So, are you all set now to greet your new president avatar?

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