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About Success Rider

What is not success? Success is not confined to one specific achievement. It is formless and limitless. It exists in every action that you perform. Success Rider is therefore here to inspire you to bring out your true potential, to tear your fear that binds you and to help you find and achieve your life’s goals. Let’s walk together to conquer the mountain of success.


We’re builders. No, we don’t construct buildings. We construct
destiny here… and ride on our dreams towards success”

This is what makes you a “Success Rider”.


Come and Join Me

It is a community designed specifically for those people who never settles for average and are obsessed with greatness. You will learn here how to progress and say no to mediocrity.  Turn your adversity into dedication. Transform your career and upgrade your enterprise with more engagements.


All those tips and tricks that you need to be successful in life you will learn here directly from me. My name is Nikhil NG, a writer, poet, humorist, entrepreneur and high performance coach. 

After college graduation, I did around 35 jobs in a short span of time. When I was hopping from one job to another in the search of my life’s purpose, I realized I’ve built the strategy that help me find and obtain any job that I want and have developed the creative skills that help me perform best in the jobs. Now I’m here to share all those tricks with you and to help you succeed. 

If you are an individual struggling at work or a company with great services or products but struggling with online presence and looking for solution, then you’re at the right place.  

Just message me now to get personalized solution.

Now is the time to get to work. Now is the time to set a new target. Now is the time to hit your goals. Now is the time to be what you are born for. Now indeed is the time to subscribe and be a success rider.