3 Life Lessons From Kids’ World That Will Evaporate Your Anxiety

Thunderbolt of amazement strikes in some wise heads when I suggest we can take life lessons from kids. An astute personality recognizes the opportunities to spring out of barren land.  

Look up at the children, they seek no material luxuries, roll in the mud and feel overjoyed. Nothing else can be better in terms of inspiration than kids if you want to live your life in ecstasy. Ultimately the motto of our every action is generating happiness. So don’t deprive yourself of these life hacks from the world of kids.

Say What You Want To Say

The abundance of problems comes to the surface when you don’t say what you want to say. You must listen to the voice of your heart. This will improve your intuition and intelligence. Perhaps neglecting own voice is the primary reason why common sense in not common anymore.

According to research, human heart contains its own little brain composed of about 40,000 neurons that help you sense, learn, feel and remember experiences. So don’t let it go unnoticed. The heart knows exactly everything that you need. This is what kids do. They listen and say it clearly without being hostile to their own voice only to appear friendly to others. 

See this three-year-old girl Norah, daughter of Tara wood. She was in a grocery store with her mother buying some cupcakes for Nora’s fourth birthday celebration.

Norah, 3 year old girl
Norah, Tara Wood’s daughter

It was only a day before when Norah explained her affinity for elderly folks to her mother.

While they were at a clearance section, surprisingly Nora shouted, “Hi old person! It’s my birfday today!” to the old man standing in the same aisle. The old man turned towards the birthday girl and what happened after that is a life changing story.

They have formed a profound friendship now. We will not go deep into that, but the point is to listening what your heart says and implementing it immediately without classifying it into good or bad categories. Results will always be positive when things are done with love and by heart.

Start Seeing Your Desire Everywhere

Yesterday a person asked me this:








I answered him, “Start from leading yourself.”

People lag behind not because of deficiency in potential but because they don’t align their actions with their goals. Discipline your mind to perceive and your heart to feel what your true self-desires. You tend to attract the similar vibes you give to the world – of course, you likely have experienced or read about the law of attraction.

Just like this adorable girl who saw a white-beard cop and hugged him assuming he was a Santa Claus.  She was so excited for Christmas and all the gifts that Santa would bring for her that even in a white beard Milton Police Officer she was seeing her lovely Santa.


Take inspiration from this little girl and muster up the courage to swim in the ocean of obsession of your goals. After all, not through the eyes but through mind one sees the world. So cautiously lay the track of thoughts in mind.

Appreciate Your Life Even If You Feel It’s Hard

Sun rises with the same fieriness everyday untiringly. Even if clouds block its rays it never complains. Earnestly it performs its duty without asking for anything in return. Such a generous trait one must learn from the sun.

To eradicate the darkness from life, let the radiance of altruism kindle the lives of people you are surrounded with. Often complaints infuse life with dissatisfaction. Expecting that people should understand you is the cause of all this reluctance. I assure you as a friend and brother that I understand and deeply respect you and all your qualities. However, you don’t require my approval if you understand and are contend with yourself.  

This 3-year-old girl Mylee Sue suffering from autoimmune encephalitis, a neuro-psychiatric disorder that causes her immune system to attack her brain. Sometimes she couldn’t walk, let alone play like kids. When she suffers from seizures it becomes hard for her to recognize her family. 

Courtesy Susan Ross


























The only thing that fills her heart with joy is Christmas cards. Every time when she receives a mail she hopes it’s a Christmas card. This Christmas her mother has asked her friends and family to send Christmas cards to Mylee. Her beautiful face lights up with a precious smile when she sees a card with her name written on it. You can also send her a card and a little happiness, contact her through the Facebook profile.

Courtesy Susan Ross


























Imagine her situation and determine, is your life harder than hers?

If you have two arms, two legs, and a wise head on shoulders then you can shape your life the way you want it to be.


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